Ukelear Meltdown III

Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 February 2010

Ukelear Meltdown III is coming back bigger and better than ever in 2010.

As the cheapest, easiest-to-play and most democratic of instruments, the uke is perfectly suited to DIY solutions to music making. It can be learned in an hour and mastered in a matter of months, and even the best made uke will cost little more than £100. It is therefore a powerful sound-making tool when used with imagination, creativity and energy!

This time we’ve got more music, more films and more workshops. We’ve got acts coming from across the globe, and we want to see you there, in celebration of the most democratic of all instruments.

Ukelear Meltdown celebrates lo-fi, punk rock approaches to the ukulele, and this time we mean business.